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08.09.2020A lack of oxygen in tumors promotes metastasis
25.08.2020Discovery of new genes that influence the success of cancer treatment
14.05.2020Geography of childhood cancer in Switzerland studied
08.05.2020More Selective Elimination of Leukemia Stem Cells and Blood Stem Cells
08.04.2020A novel molecular target for particularly aggressive cancers
19.02.2020From obesity to liver cancer: can we prevent the worst?
05.02.2020Countering therapy resistance in colorectal cancer
25.09.2019Cancer: the origin of genetic mutations
21.08.2019Graphene nanoflakes: a new tool for precision medicine
06.02.2019Escort service: The role of immune cells in the formation of metastases
29.01.2019Prévenir l’expansion des cellules cancéreuses
28.01.2019Cancer: A mutation that breaks gene interplay in 3D
14.01.2019Conversion of breast cancer cells into fat cells impedes the formation of metastases
10.01.2019New drug against the formation of metastasis
02.01.2019Tumors backfire on chemotherapy
09.11.2018Hidden estrogen receptors in the breast epithelium
            2018Nouvelle Publication pour le double contrôle pour les médicaments à haut risque
30.07.2018How resistant cancer cells can be fought
02.07.2018Loss of Cilia Leads to Melanoma 
06.06.2018Stem-Cell Niche for 10 Billion Colon Cells a Day
17.05.2018Blocking two enzymes could make cancer cells mortal
11.04.2018Double hit on melanoma unlocks barrier to immunotherapy
22.03.2018Attacking lymphoma at the source
31.01.2018Cancer Patients: Web-Based Help Improves Quality of Life
14.12.2017The immune cells that help tumors instead of destroying them
27.10.2017Neu entdeckte microRNA reguliert Mobilität von Tumorzellen
27.10.2017How «sleeper cells» in cancerous tumours can be destroyed
11.09.2017How Liver Cancer Develops
30.05.2017Better Treatment for Kidney Cancer Thanks to New Mouse Model
03.03.2016Breast cancer: An improved animal model opens up new treatments